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Apple's 5 Steps of Customer Service: The Perfect Customer Service Model

Something was wrong with my iPhone 4s. It would randomly shut off and reboot itself several times a day. After 3 or so days of this glitch, I made an appointment with the Apple store Genius Bar. I actually looked forward to going into the Apple store for this little problem because I wanted to test out how Apple employees actually executed the recently leaked "A P P L E 5 Steps of Service" model from the super secret Apple training manual.

A P P L E stands for:

Approach Customers with a Personalized Warm Welcome

Probe Politely to Understand All the Customer's Needs

Present a Solution for the Customer to Take Home Today

Listen for and Resolve Any Issues or Concerns

End with a Fond Farewell

So, here's how Apple employees fared against the A P P L E 5 Steps of Service during my visit...

Approach Customers with a Personalized Warm Welcome.

Literally, before I stepped foot into the Apple store, I was greeted by a warm and enthusiastic Apple employee in khakis and a bright blue shirt. The employee, a confident, upbeat young woman, checked me in for my appointment on her iPad, discretely took my picture with the iPad and then told me an Apple Genius would come and get me when my appointment slot was ready. Clearly, the photo was to help the Genius locate me in the crazy busy store without having to yell my name from the back.

Apple retail employees are trained to approach all customers within 10 seconds or 10 feet of the store entrance with a personalized warm welcome. Being greeted so quickly and warmly, completely removed the risk of me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or confused as I checked in for my appointment. It also made me feel welcome and in general, good about my visit to the Apple store.

Probe Politely to Understand All the Customer's Needs

As I played with a 27" iMac, my back to all employees, a Genius walked up and said, "Hi Myra!" How refreshing to be greeted with a warm "Hi Myra!" and not have my name yelled out. Using Apple's own devices to take pictures and make customer identification is brilliant. The Genius started out by asking simply, "What's going on with your iPhone?" While I explained the problem, she listened, facing me squarely and maintaining eye contact, all while smiling. She then asked for permission to take a look at my phone and then held the phone where I could see it as she ran some diagnostics, carefully explaining to me every step she was taking. The employee asked me questions about when the problem first occurred, and what I was doing immediately before it occurred each time. I noticed how she spent a lot of time asking me questions and not simply telling me what was wrong or suggesting that I had caused the problem.

Probing makes the customer a part of the conversation and it gives the customer a feeling of control and ease. Apple employees are highly trained to gently probe and give customers a feeling of control during the probing.

Present a Solution for the Customer to Take Home Today.

Apple fiercely focuses on presenting a solution for the customer to take home that day. In my case, I got a replacement iPhone 4s at no charge. On another visit to the Apple store when my son's iPod Touch no longer worked because of water damage, the solution was the offer to purchase a refurbished iPod Touch for $79. His iPod Touch wasn't under warranty, so we couldn't simply get a replacement. It was up to me to buy the refurbished model or not, but the employee certainly offered a solution that I could take home that day.

Listen for and Resolve Any Issues or Concerns.

Apple employees are trained to acknowledge customers' questions, resolve their concerns, and help them understand all the benefits that come with the solution. When I made the decision to purchase a refurbished iPod Touch for my son, I had some concerns. Would the refurbished model work as good as a new model? Was there any sort of warranty? Would I be better off getting a new iPod Touch? The Genius during this visit did a great job of picking up on my concerns and completely addressing each concern in a gentle and warm manner.

End with a Fond Farewell and an Invitation to Return.

My Genius unboxed my replacement iPhone right in front of me, powered it up to show me it was functioning and then carefully wiped away her fingerprints before handing it to me. When we were done, she stood and walked me to the front of the store and told me it would be her pleasure to see me again. That was most definitely a fond farewell.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, each Apple employee I encountered brilliantly used the A.P.P.L.E. service model. Apple stores are so very profitable and enjoyable because employees approach customers with a warm welcome, they gently ask questions, there's a fierce focus on solutions the customer can take home that day, concerns are addressed head on and customers leave with a fond farewell. Study Apple's 5 Steps of Service and look for ways you can adopt, adapt and apply the steps in your business, be that a retail business, call center or an online customer experience.

The new iMac. Performance and design. Taken right to the edge.

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Quick Fixes for Common iPhone Problems

Apple's iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, if not the most popular. Because it is used so frequently by eager owners, it's only natural that, on occasion, the device may suffer a few common problems. This is normal for many individuals, although not everyone will experience the same issues with their iPhones. Fortunately, there are many quick fixes that can restore your smartphone back to normal working condition so that you can enjoy it to the fullest extent. These are detailed below.

The iPhone won't Turn On or Reboot

If your iPhone is refusing to reboot after you have turned it off or it automatically shut down for something such as a software update, this is certainly a frustrating situation. Pressing on the Power/Wake button should generally bring the phone back to life, but if that doesn't work there is another solution. Press on the Power/Wake and the Home buttons at the same time and hold them down for around 15 seconds. This will boot up your iPhone like normal and you will see the Apple logo appear, which will lead you to your Home screen in a moment.

No SIM Card Error

When users get an iPhone and they are using one that is unlocked with a makeshift micro or nano SIM card that they cut themselves, there may be "No SIM card" errors. This is something that generally happens with the iPhone 5 more often, although it could occur in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as well. With a makeshift SIM, it may signify that the card is too large after cutting a standard mini SIM down to size with scissors or a SIM cutter. The SIM tray may also be slightly ajar, which means that the iPhone cannot recognize it. Cutting the card down just a bit more should solve this problem. Replace it in the SIM tray and make sure the tray closes all the way. Your iPhone should then recognize the card.

Stuck Power Button

Occasionally you may run into a problem of your iPhone's Power button getting stuck. This can render your phone unresponsive to what you are attempting to do, but it is one of the easiest problems to solve. Use a can of compressed air and spray it directly into the button to loosen it.

Apps Crashing

Apps on the iPhone can frequently run into issues such as crashing. If your device is not responding to a certain app, such as the app closing out and returning you to the Home screen, try these two options to get it working normally. The first is to soft reboot your iPhone and then attempt to use the app. The second is to double click the Home button to bring up your apps that are open and running in the background. When you have located the one in question, press and hold it until you see a red minus sign appear on it and the other apps. Press on the minus sign to close the app and then try reopening it.

Lack of Storage

Running out of storage space is a big concern for many iPhone users. When this happens, you will not be able to download anymore apps or add music or other content to your device. Uninstalling any apps you absolutely don't need and deleting photos will free up space. In some instances, you may have a new software update that has downloaded and has eaten up your storage. Installing it will free space on your iPhone.

This article was submitted by CJ Gordon, tech enthusiast, phone guru and avid blogger. He loves gadgets but he also knows how easy it is to lose them.  If you’ve ever thought “I wish i could track my iPhone,” CJ recommends Kensington.com, that offers products to keep track of your iPhone, electronics and other valuables –not to mention your contacts, photos and personal information—and keep them safe from harm.

Find your love know!

iPhone 6: what new features will there be?

American business history may recall Apple as one of the most successful marketers ever. With iPhone, the company performed a remarkable feat of magic by making the late-starting mobile seem ready to take over the world. The first generation of iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 and the most recent iPhone, the sixth-generation iPhone 5, on September 21, 2012.

It is rumored that the next iPhone will be released in 2014. There's even word that Steve Jobs left instructions for the iPhone 6 before he passed away, making it possibly the last iPhone he played a role in. It seems that while the iPhone 5S is a short-term prize, the latest iPhone 6 rumors point to a phone that will be well worth the wait for iPhone users. Here, we take a look at what new features will there be that deserve our expectations.

Many Apple fans and smartphone consumers have been waiting for Apple to follow the likes of HTC and Samsung and release an iPhone model that features a larger display. In a world dominated by beautiful apps, video, and the web, large screen phones, say, Galaxy Note, are undoubtedly welcome to many users. It is rumored that a larger display, possibly 4.8 inches, will be equipped on iPhone 6.

A new DigiTimes report claims that the Apple is also working on integrating wireless charging, alongside Nokia. Wireless charging is a new trend of how you juice up your device. It is said that Apple will follow the trend and develop a true wireless charging in which there is no involvement of wires during the charging process. And the charging mat should have electric current storage capability allowing it to be used wire-free during charging.

Another surprising improvement that will take the iPhone to a whole new level of mobile security is thumb scanning technology. You may set a password to prevent unknown access to your phone and also, just like in Windows 7, you have to recover Windows 7 password when you forget the login password. In previous iPhones, forgetting password is a rather troublesome thing. While, with the thumb scanning technology, you can then unlock your iPhone by placing your thumb on the screen to allow iPhone to recognize your thumb patterns.

With more smartphones gaining momentum for better camera specs, it seems that analysts and reports are also hopeful about the future iPhone 6. An improved camera would surely be good news for photo lovers. iPhone 6 is said to possibly have imaging sensors for 1080 videos, involving 2-megapixels and 60 frames per second for its FaceTime camera.

We can see that more and more phones tend to have waterproof and bendable technology integrated in them. According to the reports from FashionStyle.com, the iPhone 6 will be waterproof and bendable. And the iPhone 6 may be able to survive 12m drops as well as 10m depth underwater.

Though whether these new features will really be added to the new iPhone still needs more confirmations, so for now let's look forward to the iPhone 6 and its extraordinary improvements to be unveiled in 2014.

About the Author

Charles Anderson is now a system manager for an international IT company. He is also a senior writer on IT products including: Windows operation systems, iPhones and iPad, Android smartphones, etc. You can also read his software and applications recommendations in his articles like tools to recover password Windows 8.

5 Cutting-Edge Travel Apps for Your iPhone

There’s no denying that a good arsenal of travel apps can relieve the usual stress that builds up on holidays or business trips. But with thousands of them on the market, it can be tricky to find the useful few. Here are our top five apps for taking the trauma out of translation and the boredom out of booking – with a focus on the progressive and forward-thinking.

World Lensworld lens image

We’ll start with World Lens, the very app that defines ‘cutting edge’ itself. The app will translate any printed text that you take a photo of. Point your camera to a Polish street sign and watch it get translated into English in real-time (and on the same background) as if by magic! Google Goggles does something similar, but it’s not nearly as developed and you need to be connected to the internet. Free to try and £6.99 to buy, Word Lens is certainly a must if you travel to foreign-speaking countries often.


Most leading accommodation websites have an accompanying app that takes the strain out of the booking process. But what makes HotelClub our favourite is its user-friendliness. With the amount of features this little gem has, it’s surprising how easy to use it actually is. Surf through thousands of hotels across the world and filter them according to your needs. It’s especially good for finding deals in popular locations such as London.


In today’s world of travel tweeting and constant Facebook status updates from your trip, the good old postcard can seem a little out-dated. But Touchnote combines old school snail mail with a techy twist to let you send custom-made postcards straight from your iPhone. Just upload an image of your choice, write a personal message and Touchnote will do the rest for you. A physical postcard can be sent anywhere in the world for only £1.49, which will save you the effort of finding a stamp and dropping it into a post box.

JetLag Genie

The last thing you want before an important international business conference is a debilitating bout of jet lag. Luckily, JetLag Genie understands this issue and provides an app to combat everyone’s number one drawback of long-haul flights. JetLag Genie helps you adjust your sleep schedule to allow your body to adapt to your destination’s time zone. It will also advise you when to take melatonin and sets an alarm by itself. I always like to have a precautionary espresso just in case it’s all a placebo effect, though.


Food spotting image

You can always Google search a restaurant’s website and read the reviews on there, but can they always be trusted? Getting other people’s recommendations and reviews, and seeing the bigger picture, gives you an affirmation like no other. This is essentially what Foodspotting does, helping you to find the best restaurants in your area. Users can snap a picture of their dish and upload it to the app’s review section instantly. Definitely a must for foodies who love to travel.

About the Author

Matt Lindley is a travel and technology blogger who has previously written for the likes of Huffington Post, Londonist, Cool Places and Driftwood Journals.

What Users Can Do To Prevent Mac Repairs

Generally speaking, Mac users are not used to of having frequent troubleshooting with their computer problems. But that doesn’t mean that

Macs don’t behave badly from time to time. Here is a detail of some quick fixes for your Mac’s most frequent troubles.


The procedures to be followed are really simple (usually just involves a key combination or a quick command) which is the first attempt to fix a problem.

Before we move forward, all the fixes you’ll see here are very simple and perfectly safe as long as you perform them as per given instructions.

However, it is necessary to ensure that you arrange a backup of your computer before you apply these fixes to your Mac.


Restart your computer


If something has crashed and is slowing your Mac down or any of its function is having a trouble working, most of the times a restart will fix it quickly.

Restarting the computer re-boots its operating system.


The Fix


Restart your Mac gracefully with a clean shutdown. Try to avoid a forced shutdown by holding the power key unless if all else fails – on latest

Macs it’s not likely to cause more trouble but could make an existing issue even worse.


Moving Unused Apps

A software trouble is sometimes caused by another app which is incompatible.


The Fix



Remove all unused software. This will not only make sure possible incompatibilities are avoided but will also free up disk space

in your Mac.


Removing an app can be done easily through the Application folder or even through Launch pad.


The fix


It’ll free up your hard drive space and will prevent other applications from having issues.


Resetting the NVRAM


Fix Type: Follow the Keyboard Shortcut


The NVRAM reset is a very easy key combination that can be performed at startup. The NVRAM is a part of the system memory that is used to

store particular hardware settings.


The Fix


Your Mac has to be powered off first. Turn it on again and hold the given key combination Command+Option+P+R.


It will sound as if it’s booting and your screen may flicker with a chime. Your Mac then reboots and chimes the second time and now is the time to let

go of the keys.



The NVRAM is reset by holding down these four keys


The Fix


The NVRAM resetting will usually resolve the following problems:


  • No sound coming through speakers;

  • Screen resolution not changing properly;

  • problems using an external display;

  • delays in booting.


Even if your problem is not mentioned above, resetting the NVRAM is a good start point. It is very simple to do and doesn’t harm your Mac in any way.


Disk Permissions


Fix Type: Software issues


Permissions are basically a set of access rights for each file or folder. For example, if your Mac is having multiple user accounts, each user can have

an access to his files only.


Disk Utility will not repair all file permissions. It can only repair Apple-related permissions on files or folders or it addresses operating system

related files only.


The Fix


For repairing disk permissions, just perform the following:

  1. Open Disk Utility (Access Applications > Utilities);

  2. Select a startup disk (it is usually the first in the list);

  3. Now Click Repair Permissions.


Tip: You can also click Verify Disk and check the physical disk and see if there are any more problems.




The fix


Among the many problems it can fix, some are listed below:


  • Printer problems;

  • Problems in running software;

  • Installation of software and drivers;

  • Slow boot timing;

  • Freezing or crashing.


Updating Softwares


Fix Type: Software


Most of the time a problem is easily resolved just by updating the software.




Tip: To ensure that your Mac will have no problems, update your daily used software and make sure they are compatible and updated.


Use Terminal


Use Terminal to update your Mac. It is useful when some apps don’t run properly or showing a problem opening a Software Update or the App Store.

If your Mac cannot run updates properly, Terminal is a good option.


In a Terminal, you can give all the available updates for your Mac just by giving the command sudo softwareupdate -l.

To install all recommended updates, you can use the command sudo softwareupdate -ia.


Combo Updates


Whenever an update is released to OS X, Apple releases an update usually termed as a Combined Update or a Combo.


Combo updates do work quite well if your Mac is up to date. The software updates can be reinstalled by downloading and installing a Combo update any time.


The fix


Your Mac may face a problem that Apple releases a software update for and may even be experiencing a problem not exactly the same as the update facilitates but can still fix it anyway.


These tips and their awareness will aid your attempts to resolve problems with your Mac. It is an effort to give you easy solutions to help you fix

minor issues with your Mac by sitting at home.


About the Author


 Curtis Taylor is a head geek/writer for RepairLabs.com and fix-iPhones.com.  His is also on a mission to create awareness and raise funds for charities. 

You can read more about this program called  Operation HERO.

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OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

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C Start from CD
D Start from 1st Partition
N Start from Net Server
R Resets laptop screen
S Single-user boot
V Verbose Mode
V Unix console msgs
Power Keys Effect
Ctrleject icon Shutdown, sleep, restart
Opteject icon Sleep
CtrlOpteject icon Shutdown
Ctrlpower Restart










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