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Webhosting Reviews

Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting Review

yahoo web hosting

 Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting

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The web hosting division at Yahoo! has been growing strong since 2002. If you are looking for small business web hosting services you might be well advised to consider the fact that Yahoo! is already home to more than 30 million web sites and they manage over 50 terabytes of data. Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting provides a very simple to use templates that even a beginning webmaster will appreciate.


Pricing and Value:

Yahoo! Small Business is especially competitive if you are developing a new business web site because they do not require a long-term contract but allow you to rent their service on a month to month basis. Yahoo! Small Business offers three virtual hosting plans for small business. Each plan provides free domain name registration with no renewal fees for as long as you host with Yahoo!

Yahoo! Small Business web hosting accounts come with a $50 Yahoo! Search Marketing credit and a $50 Google AdWords credit. Your business web site will need these advertising services and this also provides a great opportunity to learn valuable skills that you will use over and over again.


Yahoo! has a record of outstanding reliability performance and web hosting accounts enjoy the same hardware and software infrastructure as that used for the search engine. This means state-of-the-art server hardware, software, and distributed redundant Internet connections. Yahoo! also operates multiple domain name servers (7 were online when we checked) to insure uninterrupted rapid domain name lookups.

Customer Service:

Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting provides you with 24 hour toll-free telephone and email support. On every occasion we have rated their customer service support to be excellent.


We performed a traceroute from our site in Washington, DC to Yahoo and found a Yahoo node interconnected to Level 3 in Washington.

"Traceroute has started ...
traceroute: Warning: yahoo.com has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to yahoo.com (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 xe-11-2-0.edge1.washington1.level3.net ( 41.675 ms 42.025 ms 21.140 ms
2 ae-31-89.car1.washington1.level3.net ( 31.191 ms 22.842 ms 28.173 ms
3 ( 20.219 ms 19.348 ms 32.563 ms
4 ge-0-0-0-p110.msr2.dcn.yahoo.com ( 47.153 ms ge-1-0-0-p100.msr1.dcn.yahoo.com ( 24.112 ms ge-1-0-0-p110.msr2.dcn.yahoo.com ( 44.549 ms
5 ge7-1.bas2-m.dcn.yahoo.com ( 38.865 ms ge2-2.bas1-m.dcn.yahoo.com ( 30.953 ms ge2-2.bas2-m.dcn.yahoo.com ( 47.791 ms"

Try a traceroute to Yahoo from your location to view the network connections and transit times.


Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting is highly recommended for beginning web masters who want to develop and publish a web site with little or no computer programming experience. We also highly recommend Yahoo! if you are looking for one of the most reliable services on the Internet. Finally, you should consider Yahoo! if you want to work only with the most highly-skilled customer and technical support staff the Internet has to offer.


Some customers have complained that Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting prices are too high. We believe that if reliability, network bandwidth, redundance, and personnel skill levels are considered that Yahoo! is easily a better bargain than most bottom-dollar web hosting operations that don't come close to the technology infrastructure of Yahoo!

Visit Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting now.  


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Reliable, affordable business hosting from Yahoo! Web Hosting

Free Domain Name when You Purchase Yahoo! Web Hosting Plan

Yahoo! Merchant Solutions - 25% off the first 12 Months

Hostgator Webhosting Review

Of all the webhosting reviews found on this website this one is the easiest to write.   Hostgator provides the web hosting service for the iTechGuide and has since 2006.  During that time we have sent lots of our website customers over to Hostgator and it was always an easy referral to make because from experience we knew they would receive outstanding customer service and more technological capabilities than they could ever use all at very reasonable prices.  This isn't to say that we have never experienced disappointment with the service given by one or two representatives over so many years but even there Hostgator provides a mechanism for chat feedback (we like chat when a conversation is not required) so the quality control at Hostgator is built into every interaction with the customer.  

Technically, there is a lot to like about Hostgator.  They manage over 12,000 servers supporting more than 400,000 customers.  Their services range all the way from a shared hosting account, starting at $3.96/mo, all the way up to managed dedicated servers in the range of $374/mo.  The introductory level account offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth usage.  If you are just looking for a great place to run your own WordPress blog on a domain you own this is where I would come!  

Hostgator Image

One of the reasons why Hostgator is preferred, over say BlueHost, is that the cpanel in Hostgator is fully populated with a complete set of tools to make it easy for users to manage their account.  Hostgator is alway excellent  on the small stuff that makes a hosting provider stand out.  For example, Hostgator's cpanel offers an "Optimize Website" icon that allows the user to apply compression to all web content before it is sent to the users browser.  If you care anything about performance at all, and if you want to rank in Google you really should care lots about performance, one simple click is all it takes.  It's a very simple thing and sure you can setup compression on any of the other hosting providers also but no one makes it easier to do than Hostgator. Likewise, Hostgator offers a "QuickInstall" button that automatically installs an impressive range of applications (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP-Nuke, phpBB, Magento, scripting software, and on and on) into your web account so you can be up and running quickly.  

We always recommend that before choosing a webhosting provider that you "google" a few negative terms and see what comes up. It's quite astonishing really that so few people use this technique as we determined via the Google keywords tool.  First, the term "hostgator" returned 19,300,000 results so its safe to say that Hostgator is widely mentioned throughout the Internet.  Next, we went looking for the negative things people have to say by "googleing"  terms: "hostgator sucks" (195,000 results) and "hostgator stinks" (784,000 results) so obviously the actual number of negative comments is dependant on which term you select.  It's tempting to attempt to quantify this by say dividing 195,000 by 19,300,000 and then saying that the negative is only 0.010% of the total but again the result you get depends on the keyword used.  What matters more than say how many unhappy users per thousand there are is whether or not the topic people are complaining about is one of your important requirements.  Taking the few minutes it takes to read some of the negative posts will give you a much better understanding of the person's issue and also give you an opportunity to consider the source.  Is the person commenting a *newby* who would have the same experience no matter where they went?  Is the person making unreasonable or unlikely claims of incompetance?  It's rather difficult to fool 400,000 customers into believing you know what you are doing if that isn't really the case.  Could it be the commentor was the one who was on new ground with unsound expectations?

So there you have it.  Our many years of work in the Internet computer industry gives us the experience required for making sound judgements of technical and business performance.  If you want to experience the best quality webhosting service on the Internet, give Hostgator a shot at earning your business.   

Hostgator offers Web Hosting for only 1 Penny! Information on their shared hosting plans can be found here. You can also obtain information about their Reseller Hosting Starting at $24.95!


iPowerWeb Hosting Review

ipowerweb hosting

iPower Web Hosting


Operating since 1998 iPowerWeb today powers over 700,000 web sites from four cutting-edge technology Internet data centers. One of the shining stars of Netcraft's top performance web sites iPowerWeb delivers top speeds reliably.cu

Pricing, Value and Reliability:

iPowerWeb is priced to compete with bargain-basement web hosting services. However, iPowerWeb data centers are connected to the Internet backbone using Optical Character (OC)-48/192 services delivering speeds of up to 2.5 G b/s and 9.6 G b/s respectively. The data centers are geographically and individually protected from power failures, physical compromise, and system outages by redundancy and multi-layer security. iPowerWeb technology is on par with that being used on Internet2 next-generation research networks.

PowWeb Hosting - *On Sale * $3.88/month! 

Customer Service:

Customer service is available via toll-free phone support, live-chat, and email. Standing behind all of their Internet2 quality technology is over 250 employees so you can rest assured that when you need assistance at 2:00 am you will actually get a real support technician rather than a recording.


We performed a traceroute from our site in Washington, DC to iPower and found it connected via Savvis in El Segundo.

"Traceroute has started ...
1 tbr1.wswdc.ip.att.net ( 22.582 ms 34.207 ms 29.717 ms
2 ( 38.355 ms 21.893 ms 21.067 ms
3 dcr2-so-3-0-0.washington.savvis.net ( 152.131 ms 25.612 ms 37.095 ms
4 cr1-bundle-pos1-losangeles.savvis.net ( 120.543 ms 83.229 ms 85.620 ms
5 cr2-loopback.lay.savvis.net ( 96.041 ms 105.955 ms 107.369 ms
6 dhr2-pos-0-0.elsegundola1.savvis.net ( 90.230 ms 94.104 ms 89.886 ms
7 csr1-ve241.elsegundola1.savvis.net ( 109.848 ms 107.453 ms 86.039 ms"

Try a traceroute to iPowerWeb from your location to view the network connections and transit times.


iPowerWeb offers a wide-range of application support capabilities as part of their regular web hosting service. Online surveys, blogs, server-side programming languages, content plug-ins, electronic commerce, and marketing and promotion capabilities, to name only a few, are all included. New domain name registration is free when you establish a one-year web hosting account. New account setups and activation is rapid. Best recommended for Unix.


None really. Skilled webmasters can reap the most benefits from iPowerWeb's technology and business model. Novice customers that require delicate hand-holding may be better served by selecting a provider with less state-of-the-art technology but stronger customer support.

Visit iPower Web Hosting now...

OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Effect
C Start from CD
D Start from 1st Partition
N Start from Net Server
R Resets laptop screen
S Single-user boot
V Verbose Mode
V Unix console msgs
Power Keys Effect
Ctrleject icon Shutdown, sleep, restart
Opteject icon Sleep
CtrlOpteject icon Shutdown
Ctrlpower Restart










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