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iPowerWeb Hosting Review

ipowerweb hosting

iPower Web Hosting


Operating since 1998 iPowerWeb today powers over 700,000 web sites from four cutting-edge technology Internet data centers. One of the shining stars of Netcraft's top performance web sites iPowerWeb delivers top speeds reliably.cu

Pricing, Value and Reliability:

iPowerWeb is priced to compete with bargain-basement web hosting services. However, iPowerWeb data centers are connected to the Internet backbone using Optical Character (OC)-48/192 services delivering speeds of up to 2.5 G b/s and 9.6 G b/s respectively. The data centers are geographically and individually protected from power failures, physical compromise, and system outages by redundancy and multi-layer security. iPowerWeb technology is on par with that being used on Internet2 next-generation research networks.

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Customer Service:

Customer service is available via toll-free phone support, live-chat, and email. Standing behind all of their Internet2 quality technology is over 250 employees so you can rest assured that when you need assistance at 2:00 am you will actually get a real support technician rather than a recording.


We performed a traceroute from our site in Washington, DC to iPower and found it connected via Savvis in El Segundo.

"Traceroute has started ...
1 tbr1.wswdc.ip.att.net ( 22.582 ms 34.207 ms 29.717 ms
2 ( 38.355 ms 21.893 ms 21.067 ms
3 dcr2-so-3-0-0.washington.savvis.net ( 152.131 ms 25.612 ms 37.095 ms
4 cr1-bundle-pos1-losangeles.savvis.net ( 120.543 ms 83.229 ms 85.620 ms
5 cr2-loopback.lay.savvis.net ( 96.041 ms 105.955 ms 107.369 ms
6 dhr2-pos-0-0.elsegundola1.savvis.net ( 90.230 ms 94.104 ms 89.886 ms
7 csr1-ve241.elsegundola1.savvis.net ( 109.848 ms 107.453 ms 86.039 ms"

Try a traceroute to iPowerWeb from your location to view the network connections and transit times.


iPowerWeb offers a wide-range of application support capabilities as part of their regular web hosting service. Online surveys, blogs, server-side programming languages, content plug-ins, electronic commerce, and marketing and promotion capabilities, to name only a few, are all included. New domain name registration is free when you establish a one-year web hosting account. New account setups and activation is rapid. Best recommended for Unix.


None really. Skilled webmasters can reap the most benefits from iPowerWeb's technology and business model. Novice customers that require delicate hand-holding may be better served by selecting a provider with less state-of-the-art technology but stronger customer support.

Visit iPower Web Hosting now...

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