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Sony VAIO Pro 13 Ultrabook: World’s lightest and super efficient solution

Providing convenience is the core factor behind extensive innovation. Customer-focused manufacturers are making utmost efforts to facilitate their customer by all means. Customized technology products with advanced features are the result of this innovation. Mobility requirements have forced manufacturers to design their products which are easy to carry and weigh lighter. Contrarily, healthy competition among manufacturers requires working on the edge. They are forced to work on products to get top position in the whole world. World’s slimmest, largest, lightest and so many other products are being engineered to facilitate end users which are the result of extensive research and development.

Sony is a Japanese company, renowned for creating new standards for the whole world. Recently they launched world’s lightest notebook with the name of VAIO Pro Ultrabook with 13.3” touch screen. “Ultra light, Ultra loaded” is the combination of exciting features besides its weight, which allows users to enjoy the glorious experience while working on it. I know you are getting curious about features so I can’t ask you to wait any more. I am going to give you an introduction that will assist you to get familiar with this elegant notebook.

Technical specifications are the true depiction of any notebook and its caliber. Vaio pro UltraBook is engineered with 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor which is the latest technology by industry leading Intel Corporation. Full HD IPS touch screen (1920 x 1080) with Triluminos technology gives a market competitive edge to the Vaio UltraBook as Sony introduced this technology to compete Retina display by its competitor. Trilumions technology will tell you that how a display should look like. So now you can enjoy the display features of market leading cell phones on your Vaio UltraBook. Take the full advantage of Windows 8, which is especially designed for the touch screens. This weighs only 2.34 lbs which make it the world’s lightest UltraBook.

Two USB 3.0 ports allow you to create strong connectivity with USB devices with super fast data transfer speed. The USB sleep port is another unique feature which makes it possible to charge your cell phones through USB cable even when Ultra book is on standby or shutdown state. Instant Wakeup technology ensures minimal battery use in sleep mode so you don’t need to shut down the system. Sony used its market proven music system expertise in this UltraBook, sound is clear and loud enough with Sony’s unique sound processing technologies. Now you can enjoy unmatched music listening and video watching experience with dynamic bass, high soar and low distortion effects. One-touch wireless connectivity feature allows users to display website from compatible Smartphone on the Ultrabook screen. You can play music in NFC enabled speakers through seamless wireless technology. Wondrous front camera, security with Intel anti theft and identity protection technology and faster processing speed are other exciting basic features.

In short, VAIO Pro 13 Ultrabook™ is highly durable, intelligently designed, long lasting battery backup (2 times greater than the previous models) , weighed light and easy to carry. So you can enjoy the combination of high-performance and elegance at the same time.


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Steven Bryant, content writer at www.tape4backup.com and writes about all types of technologies from disk solutions, media tapes, technology gadgets. Follow us on twitter @ JMcIntosh2

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