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Sony Xperia S with Excellent design Architecture

Sony Xperia S Smartphone Image

The Sony Xperia S has been one of the early Smartphones in the Xperia series from Sony. It has been quite successful in the markets worldwide and has been upgraded from time to time as per the market requirement. The phone looks great and feature a nice camera that clicks really good pictures.


Though the design of the phone is decent but the features it supports are distinctive and unique. There many slim phones in the market but Xperia S definitely stands out from the crowd. We can judge the beauty of the phone from its modern design; the transparent bar below the buttons and the flat sides are impressive.

The phone has a matte finish on the back and sides and the front has glass cover which gives it a classy look. The front and the back part of the device is clear apart from other parts like ear piece, speakers, secondary and primary camera and Sony Logo on the back. The two stage shutter button, volume rocker, HDMI port is provided on the right side and on the left side charging port is positioned.

But while talking about looks, it is not perfect compared to other Smartphones. The rectangular edges of the phone make it difficult to handle. One more big disappointment with Xperia S is its battery which is non-removable. Only the back cover can be replaced. The dimensions of the Xperia S Smartphone are 128 x 64 x 10.6 mm and it weighs 144 g which is a bit heavier.


The display of the phone is 4.3 inches with 1280 x 720 p which enables you to enjoy the pictures and videos with great quality. Users can get the amazing experience of watching movies, playing games and pictures on the phone as compared to the iPhone 4. The colours displayed on the screen are perfect and brightness are very well managed. The Xperia S sports a TFT scratch resistant screen which enhances the user experience and makes everything look fresh and sharp. This is absolutely a plus point for Sony.


The Xperia has a clean and clear camera of 12.1 MP with 16 times zoom and LED flash, and helps to click image with great efficiency. The videos can also be recorded with 1080 p. As expected, the cameras of the Sony products provide crystal clear quality and help to get the detailed shots. The performance of the camera is appreciable, be it outside or inside, even in the low lights. The Xperia S does not disappoint at all.

It is good to see the smile detection feature in the phone, but Sony disappointed users by not providing tap to focus feature. The autofocus feature given is pretty smart and performs well, but is short sighted.

The several scenes, effects and modes offered on the phone can make the pictures look more beautiful. It has got decent 1.3 MP of front camera with which you can shoot 720 p videos. So video chatting is fun on your Xperia phone.

Operating System and Processor

The upgraded Xperia S is now available with 4.1 Jelly Bean Android OS. The phone was launched with Gingerbread OS which was quite old even at the time of its release, thus the company soon launched the upgraded Xperia S with contemporary OS. Looking at the performance of the OS, it functions very smoothly and users hardly face issues of lags.

The important part of the Xperia S is its processor, a dual core Snapdragon 1.5 GHz with 1 GB of RAM enables the smooth operation of the phone and allows the users to perform different tasks with ease. You can play games with no interference of crashing down of the system. As stated, the clarity and the graphics let you enjoy the gaming experience.

Forget about the competitor Smartphones, if you like Sony then you should know that Xperia S gives superb performance with no space for lags while playing HD videos and games and this proves the device best from the others.


Sony has surprised the users after showing the battery life of this Smartphone. The phone comes with 1750 mAh battery and offers decent performance when charged fully. The battery lasts for a day depending on the usage. If you don’t access the internet much and daily usage is less, you might squeeze out even more battery. In all the battery back offered by the phone is good.

Other Features

The controls offered by the phone are user friendly and users can go for manual settings in case of white balance, focus mode or ISO. A dedicated camera key given in the phone enables you to open the camera directly. The camera button is two staged, it sets to auto focus when half pressed and pressing it fully takes the image. If you are in a hurry, this button helps you to capture images with ease and the two stages of the camera are distinctive and can be felt while handling.

The phone comes with built in apps like World Clock, Wise pilot, Office Suit, Timer, Neo reader, Track ID and Play now. In terms of connectivity, the Xperia S is a package. It supports all the big connectivity features like Wi-Fi, GPS, HSDPA and Bluetooth. NFC is the biggest feature that is supported by the device and can really be useful.


Although, the plastic built of the phone is something not very attractive and there is no choice of expanding the storage with a microSD card, the phone is pretty decent in all other aspects. The capacitive buttons on the phone are not as sensitive as you would expect but these small issues can be easily overlooked with the other stronger features of the phone. These include the amazing Exmor R camera which clicks perfect pictures at night, the clear and sharp display, stylish and elegant look, easy to click camera button and an HDMI port.

So, can Sony Xperia S be your next Smartphone? Well, Xperia S has a lot to offer; It packs in quite a punch, has a great display, excellent battery life and a beautiful design.


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