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The Toshiba 450GB SAS Internal Enterprise Hard Drive Review

In its quest to bolster its resilient market position, Toshiba, who is one of the top brand names in the internal hard disc drive market, introduces a new power–efficient small form factor hard drive in the mould of MBF245LRC#LF 2.5–inch enterprise class hard drive.It is a high–performance, high–speed unit which comes with an industry mid–range storage capacity of about 450GB. Running at 6 GB/s of drive transfer rate, the SAS interface MBF245LRC#LF offers a 10,025 RPM of rotational speed, which is still about the fastest speed brought forth by a small form factor hard disc drive.

The new 450GB 2.5–inch SAS interface hard drive from Toshiba is amongst the enterprise family of computer hard drives that are ideally suited to power–conscious, business–critical and data–intensive storage apps including mainstream storage array, mid–range volume servers, and blade as well as rackmount servers. It is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) drive that requires no screws, cables or software to run. The drive delivers low energy consumption benefits that are environmentally friendly.

In addition to this, the MBF245LRC#LF offers all the values of small form factor device allowing for more cost–efficient power consumption including a cooler form factor, a drop in sound levels, and better anti–rotational vibration performance. Mounting of this drive couldn’t be any faster and easier; the original 3.5–inch hard drives can simply be removed and replaced by inserting the MBF245LRC#LF 2.5–inch enterprise class hard drive in its place. As with the 450GB MBF245LRC, the frame is also available with the 300GB MBF230LRC and 600GB MBF260LRC. The form factor enterprise SAS hard drives are fully compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulation.

As the name of the device clearly states, the MBF245LRC#LF is the 450GB variant of the new Toshiba 2.5 –inch enterprise SAS hard disc drive line and along with which there are two other available models both in the mould of 600GB and 300GB storage capacities. With other manufacturers such as Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and the like already introducing one terabyte 2.5–inch Enterprise SAS computer hard drives, the MBF245LRC#LF seems rather small. In point of fact, even the supposedly largest Toshiba’s small form factor model in the MBF260LRC seems quite small compared to those.

On the contrary, Toshiba put performance atop capacity, thanks to a rotational speed of 10,025 RPM on the MBF245LRC#LF which simply outperforms the new 7,200 RPM hard disc drives by Hitachi, Seagate and others by a large percentage.

The MBF245LRC#LF weighs 1.09 lb, and measures 6.9 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm dimension wise. It is compatible and reliable with 32–bit and 64–bit Windows 7. Along with this, it is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP. The unit comes with thirty six months manufacturer parts warranty.

The box contains 2.5–inch SAS enterprise hard disc drive in 3.5–inch LFF frame.

Author Bio: James Goodwin is It technician with over 10 year experience. James likes writing about IT and testing latest computer hardware. In his spare time he likes browsing internet with his Windows 8 tablet.

The Best Apps for Printing on Apple and Android Mobile OS

The wireless world has quickly taken over and with it and things like google docs, we’ve started to lose the means of even caring about printing. Many companies even run with only one or no printers, and not everyone has one since most of our communication is online as well. That doesn’t mean we are completely out of the printing era though, paper or hard documents are still frequently used by the government and plenty of people on average. But that’s okay, because although printers have stayed mostly the same in terms of hardware for years, the software side of printing has evolved to keep up with demand and the times.

These days you can get all manner of applications for your mobile smart devices that not only allow you to print from them through wireless or Bluetooth means, but also do things like printing from a cloud or drive, and even scan images with the camera of your device to then print or upload to your cloud. And this isn’t even factoring in all the controls of a printer you can command through these applications by simply connecting to one wirelessly. So with that said; when it comes to printing applications, which ones are going to draw the best bang for your time?CubeX 3D Printer

Brand Specific App

There is always at least one official application for each printer brand out there meant for any operating system you run and when it comes to connectivity, these ones are likely your best bet, especially if you are running a newer model of a printer. Of course on the other hand, there can be a lot of downsides to the brand specific types. Generally, they come with poor feature inclusions, with many of them not even letting you set the quality of the image or even if you want the image in black and white. That doesn’t mean they are all terrible though, most of them tend to focus on image printing, and at that they are good, but not much else.

The major exception happens to be Brother’s printer application, which not only provides scanning capability, but can be used without a computer needing to be turned on, which is why if you are using a brother printer this one is your best option and for android or apple.

If you run an Epson printer though, you can get a few different features than the brother, like color to monochrome, communication and connection with things like evernote and google docs, or even draw files like web pages and PDF’s from the wireless connection of your Epson printer. Not the greatest, but still a steady selection for a brand choice.

PrinterShare Mobile Print App

If you are looking at something that has a bit more to offer in the features department then your best option is probably PrinterShare, which you can find for both apple and android. This pretty little app gives you the options of printing just about anything on your mobile device, from web pages to documents or pictures and even contact lists. It can also manage to connect to most any printer that is wireless (but works better with certain ones). Overall this app manages to provide the best selection of details you may want to change when printing like size and orientation, while giving the most varied ways of being able to print things. Unfortunately you can’t scan stuff with it, but considering you can access any picture you take with your device and print that, what’s the difference?

Oh, and did I mention this app is free? Well free so long as you aren’t printing regularly, then you’ll have to offer up some money for unlimited printing, but if you are needing to print multiple files a day, then you should probably be using a computer and not solely your mobile device.

PrintJinni App

This particular app has some major ups and downs when it comes to the overall usability. This mobile print program can do almost anything, including the printing of emails, pictures, word documents, anything in clouds or through Google cloud print, any major applications like Evernote and even social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Photobucket and even view pdf or documents without printing them on your mobile device. The downside? There are a lot of printers that it doesn’t support, like Brother, and most of all after thirty days of using it you have to pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to continue using the application. That might be worth it, if you really need all the features the program can offer, but chances are you won’t actually use half them unless your mobile device has replaced your computer completely. Otherwise this one is for android or apple and is probably one of the better ones to run with so long as your printer supports it.

ePrint Free App

Finally we have the one application in this list that cannot print documents contained directly on the mobile device. It can do photos fine, and even documents that are in the cloud, just not on the device. The real unique quality of this app comes with the customization elements, including being able to print out calendars or cards with your photos being used. This is why this one at least gets a mention, plus it comes with a lot of the same features as some of the other apps like being able to connect to a wireless printer without going through a computer, and probably the widest array of options when printing (considering you can make calendars). And best of all, if you aren’t worried about just printing one thing at a time, one copy at a time, then you don’t have to pay anything for this app either. Just be careful with an ink-jet printer as many of them are not supported by this app.

Overall you can find quite the selection of printing options, all meant to be customizable to what you might be looking for in printing and this application area for printing is bound to continue evolving over time to fit with our standards. It will only be a matter of time before you can scan the image of an object with your mobile device and send that message back to a 3d printer to make a copy of that.

Brian Prowse is a writer and self-proclaimed tech geek. He writes for sites such as www.247inktoner.com. When he's not writing or playing around with the coolest gadgets on the market, Brian enjoys gaming on his xbox and graphic design.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are now very famous among individuals and businesses. This has made it easy for users to access their files from anywhere in the world. A user with limited income may not buy a hard drive or any other laptop accessories but can get free storage online to keep data safe. With many options for the users, it is difficult to choose the best among many.

Cloud Computing ServicesAmazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is the leading cloud service in the world. It has the most users as compared to other cloud services. It gives users 5GB free storage, which allows users to upload and download any file. After the launch of cloud service by Amazon, they added a music streaming tab to allow users to listen to their favourite music. But later it was separated from cloud services. Users can now upload as well as listen to music on all their devices. The Amazon cloud drive is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Amazon offers web based and as well as in desktop applications. The desktop application is compatible with all the operating systems but users can only upload files through this. For premium storage, 50 cents per gigabyte is charged and users can buy up to 1000 GB of space. Amazon services are cheap but not cheaper than others and desktop application compatibility and usage is another issue for the users.

  • Box

The box is not actually a storage service and is more suitable for business as it provides workflow solutions. If a business wants to share files, they simply grant access to a few users allowing them to view or download the files. Business productivity programs can be uploaded and integrated with the box where it becomes available to the users. Users can also edit the files if allowed. Box features business related applications and online workspaces. Box gives 5 GB of free storage and it is compatible with Windows, Android and Mac operating systems. To use this service, users must use the box sync application. For premium storage users need to pay $9.99 for 25 GB space per month but for businesses it offers 1000 GB for only $15 per month. For businesses, Box is a most suitable solid service.

  • Drop Box

Drop box was the most popular cloud service when introduced. And it was the first to have a large number of users. Cloud services were not used much before this. Drop box can run without a browser and it's compatible with almost all the operating systems including Linux. Due to its compatibility with all the devices, users have no difficulty in managing their files from anywhere. But the drawback is the limited space as it gives only 2 GB free storage. For the premium services it charges $99.90 per year for 100 GB. This is expensive as compared to other services.

In today's world, users don’t need to buy a cheap notebook or accessories like external or internal hard drives or flash drives. Rather they can use cloud services for the storage.

Author bio:

The author works for cheap notebook, laptop bags and laptop accessories store and writes about alternatives for data storage.

How to Secure Your WebCam Online from Hackers

With the modern technology these days, you can never be assured that going online is safe. The idea that someone else is watching you while using your webcam is creepy but it is a possibility that you should be aware of. While you may not be the victim of webcam hackers, it is safer to know what security measures to take in order to protect your privacy. Here are some of the basic steps that you can take in order to use your webcam safely with the ability to prevent hackers from penetrating through your privacy.With the modern technology these days, you can never be assured that going online is safe. The idea that someone else is watching you while using your webcam is creepy but it is a possibility that you should be aware of. While you may not be the victim of webcam hackers, it is safer to know what security measures to take in order to protect your privacy. Here are some of the basic steps that you can take in order to use your webcam safely with the ability to prevent hackers from penetrating through your privacy.With the modern technology these days, you can never be assured that going online is safe. The idea that someone else is watching you while using your webcam is creepy but it is a possibility that you should be aware of. While you may not be the victim of webcam hackers, it is safer to know what security measures to take in order to protect your privacy. Here are some of the basic steps that you can take in order to use your webcam safely with the ability to prevent hackers from penetrating through your privacy.

Make sure to monitor for firmware updates

Your webcam manufacturer’s technology might be just as vulnerable as you are from online hackers. The problem lies when your manufacturer is unable to protect their technology which in effect also compromises the security features of their webcams and the privacy of the consumers who are using them. However, understanding this threat makes webcam manufacturers more adept in updating their security firmware and they usually release updates for their consumers to use. Make sure to be aware of these updates and take the time to upgrade your firmware with the latest firmware release regularly. This will ensure that your webcam security is more updated and competent to repel the possibilities of modern bugs, viruses and malware that are preying on your webcam.

Invest on third party webcam protection services

The security features of your webcam may just not be enough. You can actually strengthen your webcam security features better by paying for third party webcam security software. A paid security software service is usually reliable and uses modern software technology that is usually not available in any regular webcam security feature that is provided by your webcam brand. They offer more powerful features for added protection to your webcam security. Because this will usually cost an additional fee, this is an option that you might consider if you are not satisfied with your regular webcam security features and it is something you may find worth investing in.

Scan for malware regularly

Hackers usually use malware as a means of penetrating your computer and to invade your privacy. Whether you are using a webcam or not, malware is one of the regular security risks when you are using the internet. One way of preventing your computer from being infected with a malware is to clean your computer from it using anti-malware software. While you can find free anti-malware software available online, you can opt to buy one for better and more reliable security features for your computer and webcam. Conducting a regular malware scan as part of your computer maintenance routine will truly help you prevent making your privacy vulnerable to the prying eyes of online hackers.

Turn on your computer firewall

A firewall provides your computer security against unauthorized access of hackers. It is a hardware or software program that prevents viruses, malware and hackers from penetrating through your computer once it is connected to the internet. Some hackers with advanced skills can possibly bypass your computer firewall. However, turning your firewall on will provide you adequate protection against many common security breaches on your webcam. When your firewall is on, it scrutinizes the traffic that is flowing on your computer to ensure that it is legitimate and without any traces of malicious programs.

Unplug or cover your webcam

Not everyone uses their webcam while their computer is connected on the internet. If your webcam is not permanently fixed on your computer, it is always best to remove it when not in use. This is a prudent step that you can take in securing your webcam. Unlike laptops that have built-in camera, Windows desktop computers usually have removable webcams while Mac desktop computers also have built in webcams. On Windows desktops, you can simply unplug it from the computer when not in use. Otherwise, when your webcam is permanently installed in your computer your other recourse is to cover the webcam with a tape.

Use your common sense

Most malware and viruses can access your computer and webcam when you download programs and applications that you are not certain can be trusted. Some online hackers try to access the online user’s webcams and computer by sending viruses through email links. Make sure not to click on any link included in emails sent from individuals you don’t know.

Evaluate the security issues on your webcam model

One of the prudent means by which you can ensure that your webcam is free from security breach from online hackers is to know the security issues of the webcam model that you are planning to buy. Prior to making a purchase, you are in the best position to make a research about the security issues that may be present with it. Do not buy webcam models with known security loopholes as this will only serve as a gateway for malware and viruses that can give access to online hackers to peep through your webcam activities.

About the Author

Irina Webandyou is a technologist and marketing writer. She loves doing guest posting service for many websites. She loves writing about seo and business things.

Managing IT Infrastructures: A Breakdown of the Complexities

Businesses depend upon a network infrastructure for every aspect of their daily operations. From reliable communications to data management, customer contact and order processing, today’s technology is what makes it possible for companies to get and stay productive. Also, financial data, client records and administrative aspects such as payroll are all commonly accessed through corporation networks. All of this is what comprises the IT infrastructure of the business.


Communications Mainframe data center image

Business communications are the core center of any company. In addition to management and staff, ensuring that customers can always reach the business is essential. It is also pertinent for companies to receive important information and orders. When the company does not receive customer orders, business is lost because they either change their minds or go elsewhere. Also, if staff is unable to communicate to patrons or potential clients, they cannot do their jobs efficiently. When that happens, customer service becomes non-existent. No company can afford either of those scenarios. 


Well organized companies deliver correct orders on a timely basis. Incoming orders and inventory control may be streamlined within a single network. This allows for staff to access the same information, then, in turn they can provide the best interchangeable services. To manage inventory, businesses can use Internet based software, email and phone communications, and orders for scheduling tasks. Without solid networks, essential access to critical information could be lost or delayed. This type of breakdown in operations affects productivity negatively. Hence, the use of the proper data center alliance.

Data Centers 

Data centers house computer systems and all of the associated components for business operations and management. For instance, telecommunications and storage systems generally include backup power and essential data connections as well as security devices. One of the main concerns for companies today is business stability. Companies rely heavily upon information systems to run operations. Should systems becomes unavailable, operations can become hampered or come to a halt. 

This is why it is so necessary for reliable infrastructures through IT operations to exist, and for businesses to utilize them. IT professionals can provide the type of information security required so that breaches are minimized. Therefore, data centers must keep high standards to assure the functionality and integrity of the hosted computer environment. Virginia data centers and the like employ technological professionals that provide these services through technically sound and advanced systems. They use power and fiber optic cables, as well as emergency backup power. 


Management is an important function for any organization's system of technology. It assures that essential operational components like policies, procedures, processes, data, equipment, external contacts and human resources are functioning optimally. IT infrastructure management is often divided into systems, network and storage categories. 


Among other purposes, infrastructure management on the data center level ensures that it is possible to handle key tasks that include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of duplication and effort

  • Adherence to standards

  • Information flow enhancement

  • Adaptability for changeable environments

  • Interoperability for internal and external entities

  • Effective change management practices and policies

The importance of a solid IT infrastructure cannot be overemphasized. It is a critical aspect of any business and without it, communications, data and operational processes cannot flow. In addition, it will be impossible to get and keep satisfied customers. IT professionals will oversee and manage these essential hardware and software systems so that businesses may operate through secure environments, which are provided by data centers.


About the Author


Entrepreneur Nickey Williams contributes this article to those business owners and corporate professionals needing data center information. QTS offers management solutions and has IT professionals from the Virginia data centers campus in Richmond on the Job. They deliver secure and reliable cloud service, monitored security, environmental control, and power availability.

OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Effect
C Start from CD
D Start from 1st Partition
N Start from Net Server
R Resets laptop screen
S Single-user boot
V Verbose Mode
V Unix console msgs
Power Keys Effect
Ctrleject icon Shutdown, sleep, restart
Opteject icon Sleep
CtrlOpteject icon Shutdown
Ctrlpower Restart










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