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Some of the Best Cross Platform Mobile Game App Development software

Mobile Game App Development for cross platforms is proving to be a powerful trend. In the recent years, a single game does not seem to be restricted to a single platform as there is a growing demand for it in multiple platforms. Making the same game available in various platforms enhances the demand as well as the profit percentage.

Here are some of the best Cross platform Mobile Game Apps development software

JUCE - JUCE is one of the top rated free softwares, which is used for developing GUI applications and plug-ins. It provides a cross-platform C++ application framework. The mobile game apps software supports – iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows platforms and one of the biggest advantages is that the same source code compiles and executes on all platforms. Some of the main features of the software include – advanced user-interface features, graphics, audio, networking, cryptography, XML and JSON parsing, multi-threading, and more.

Marmalade - Marmalade SDK (Software Development Kit) is one of the best cross platform engines that allow the user to develop, test and launch mobile game apps. Marmalade allows the developer to deploy his mobile game apps to various platforms - iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry, Mac, and Windows. It is one of those few top SDK's that is designed to develop selected Smart TVs apps. Some of the top rated games that have utilized the Marmalade include ‘Cut the Rope’, ‘Plants vs Zombies’, and ‘Draw Something’. Marmalade supports the development of fully native apps, and hybrid as well as PhoneGap apps.

Moai – Moai, the leading mobile game app development platform for iOS and Android smartphones consists of the Moai SDK. It is an open source game engine and includes the Moai Cloud, which is a cloud platform for hosting and deploying game services. The advantages of using Moai includes – enhanced cross-platform games, great game play development, porting to multiple device platforms not required, Multi-app-store releases, and more. Some of the best games developed with Moai are - Crimson Steam Pirates, Animal Circus, Double Fine Adventure, etc.

Unity - Unity popularly known as the Unity3D is one of the leading cross-platform game engines. Unity offers the best of game development with interactive 3D content, multiplatform publishing, enhanced tools for animation, and exceptional game play experiences. The game engine works for 10 separate platforms that includes mobile, PC, consoles, and web. The latest version of Unity 4 offers enhanced performance and a memory profiler, Air Play support, material-specific shader and more.

Author Bio:

Stacey is a copywriter with Zco Corporation interested in mobile game app development and 3D content.


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