Internet Domain Name Registration is the process that enables users to establish a named site on the net. An Internet site can consist of any number of information services including: world wide web, email, FTP, remote database access, and other capabilities. Registration of a new Internet domain requires the payment of a lease fee. Domain names can be leased for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, or even 100 years. Three of the largest domain registration services located in the United States are: GoDaddy with 19.6 million domains, Network Solutions with 6.6 million domains, and Dotster with 1.1 million domains. Trying to find a short available domain name in the .com namespace can be quite an effort these days. Network Solutions gives you a software interface that can help you find available names that are similar. You can also find software programs that can assist. The best rule to follow when trying to find a good available domain name is "don't give up!" Contrary to popular belief it is still possible to find a good domain name.

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