Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about self-promotion. That Kardashian clan is all about....well, that would be too easy. If the love-to-be-noticed family were to offer SEO tips, we're pretty sure they'd look something like this:

Substance is Underrated

Look, everyone knows that we’re famous for being famous. We’ve never actually added anything of value to society. As much as it pains us to say this, if you want your SEO to work, make sure that your website possesses the kind of content that gives it substance. says that your website will be ranked higher by search engines if it’s truly worth visiting (1). You may not be on the cover of a magazine for something super important – like cutting bangs – but you will be respected. Let us know how that feels.

Party it Up – With Social Media, That Is

As mother has instilled in us, it’s all about grabbing attention. Follow our lead by using social media to drive traffic to your site. Did you know that Google factors in the number of people following you on social media when they rank your site? That’s right; marry a pro athlete or put on an itty-bitty bikini and people will flock to learn more. If you have some of that self-respect people refer to, we’ve heard that you can actually drive traffic to your site by posting useful information with quality content rather than pulling an embarrassing publicity stunt. Make sure to keep your message clear by emphasizing what’s important.

Be Everywhere

This one is, like, so obvious, but make sure your site is accessible to mobile devices. reports that at least 25 percent of search traffic comes from these mobile devices (2). You want to make sure that yours is easy to access. Nothing changes the fact that you need to build a fan base. Do it by giving readers what you promise (although flirting is so much fun), and by making it easy for them to find you – even if they are out on a jet ski with a Saudi oil magnate.

Represent for a Cause

Word on the street is that in order to be taken seriously we're supposed to have a favorite charity. Oh nuts, we rolled our eyes so hard after writing that last sentence that some of us actually saw our brains. Where were we?

If we were the kind of people who had a favorite charity we would get on our smartphones, download the Givelify app, and donate to something we care about until our hearts bled or our fingernails broke, whichever came first.

No we haven't helped clean up the oceans (the water in our bathtubs looks clean enough and everyone knows it comes from the ocean). We haven't worked with children in the Appalachians or created great works of art, but darn it all, we do know how to get attention. Just this one time we think your mother will forgive you for taking our advice.

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