Being an open source application, Hypertext PreProcessor is one of the most popular scripting languages. It originally started for the purpose of web programming and since then has come along a long way. The power of PHP language is such that it is used all across the world for doing tasks related to websites. When seen from a web developer’s point of view, it comes across as a very simple and easy language. It is because of this simplicity that PHP is preferred by most programming companies for developers can easily build a high quality website.

With the tight competition all over the globe, every online business today needs a high end website to promote its products or services. No matter whether it is a big organization or a small and medium scale enterprise, every company must have a quality website to reach the target audience. For this they will need trained PHP professionals working with website development agencies, who will be able to build dynamic pages and other applications. This naturally has created a high demand for PHP programmers who will be able to fulfil the different requirements of the various sectors of the IT industry.

Background Check

When it comes to building a quality website, it is always advisable to seek services from professionals who are attached with the web development companies rather than making new changes at workplaces. However, there are certain important things that every individual must keep in mind before hiring a PHP programmer. Remember, before you make the final decision of hiring a PHP professional, it is always essential to conduct a background check on the PHP developer and the company he or she is working with.

  • Make sure that you check the experience level of the PHP programmer. Ask him or her if he or she has worked with any other company prior to this. Also be careful to conduct a check on the profile of the company where the PHP developer has previously worked.

  • Always try to obtain information on the type of projects he has worked on. Find out the kind of PHP websites he has developed. It is extremely essential to go through the PHP developer’s portfolio.

  • Before hiring professional services from a web development agency, you must be aware of the reliability of the agency.

  • Along with these, you must also have an idea about the kind of testimonials the developer has received from the clients.

  • If there are any online reviews, you must also go through it to have an idea about the skills of the developer.

  • There are many who even test the programming skills of the PHP developer before hiring him or her to build the pages and other necessary applications.

  • Essential Skills

    It is necessary for every PHP programmer to possess the following skills:

    • PHP 4.x & PHP 5.x

    • JavaScript, Smarty, XML

    • MySQL 4.x & MySQL 5.x

    • Ajax, HTML/CSS, DHTML

    • MS Access, SQL Server

    • Web Services, Payment Gateway Integration and MVC

    Remember, hiring qualified and experienced PHP developers has now become a necessity with every large and small scale company. While there is no specific set of rules that you need to follow before you hire Php programmers, these are some basic tips that will prove to be helpful in the long run.

    Author Bio: Shirley Jones is a content writer by profession. She has written numerous articles on PHP that offer extensive knowledge on how to hire PHP programmers.

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