The first step in developing a successful Internet security strategy is deciding what type of solution to use.  There are two basic options.  Users can either purchase a comprehensive Internet security suite, or piece together several independent solutions to address specific types of threats separately.  There are notable benefits to both options, so it is important to choose a strategy which best suits the user’s needs.

Benefits of an Internet Security Suite

An Internet security suite is a solution sold as a single package.  It contains multiple tools created by a single developer.  Each tool is designed to address a specific type of threat.

1. Built to Minimize Any Gaps in Protection

The first benefit of using a comprehensive Internet security suite is that its tools are designed to complement one another.  This minimizes any gaps in protection because each tool is built to operate within the framework of the full package.

2. No Risk of Compatibility Problems

Another benefit of an Internet security suite is compatibility.  Piecing together multiple tools from individual developers significantly increases the risk of  compatibility issues.  Since a comprehensive Internet security suite is built by a single developer and each tool is designed to operate within the framework of the suite, there is little risk of compatibility problems.

3. Easier to Renew Subscription

The final benefit of using an Internet security suite is that subscription renewal is much easier.  The process of upgrading, updating, or renewing the subscription for a comprehensive internet security package is a one step process.  Piecing together multiple solutions requires users to address each solution separately which in most cases is a much more time-consuming process.

Benefits of Piecing Together Independent Solutions

Purchasing multiple independent Internet security tools allows users to get the exact level of protection they want.  It also allows them to easily switch from one developer to another at a moment’s notice which provides greater flexibility.

1.  Choose Only the Best

The most significant benefit of piecing together  independent tools from multiple developers is quality.  Most comprehensive solutions emphasize one area of protection over another.  As a result, certain aspects of their security features may be lacking.  By purchasing multiple tools independently, users can ensure each area of internet security is addressed by tools specifically designed for each type of threat.

2. Independent Solutions Specialize in Their Area of Focus

Another benefit of piecing together multiple tools is the overall level of effectiveness each individual tool has to offer.  Installing the best antivirus software guarantees the best level of protection.  The same is true for anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-spam protection.  Each tool focuses on one specific type of threat and is designed to provide maximum protection in that area.  This ensures there are no weak links or vulnerabilities.

3.  Can Change Solutions If a Better Option Becomes Available

The final benefit of combining independent security tools is flexibility.  If a better antivirus solution hits the market, a user can easily switch to that product without compromising the rest of their internet security strategy.  This is more difficult to do if the user has a full internet security suite rather than a set of independent solutions.

Both options have a variety of benefits to consider.  A comprehensive suite of tools is ideal for anyone who wants a more hands-free solution because everything is taken care of simultaneously within the framework of the suite.  Anyone who wants more flexibility and control over their Internet security strategy will benefit from choosing each tool separately.

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