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How Businesses are Making Use of Social Media for Branding

How Businesses are Making Use of Social Media for Branding Investing good time and money in social media marketing is important for all types of businesses nowadays. Social media can be done by a multiple of ways, easily by running lot of campaigns using Facebook and Twitter. One can easily use Facebook Apps to run innovative contests. And to monitor it, there are lot of social media monitoring tools that you can use and monitor how you campaign is responding.

Social Media is the new way for the word to spread around; from product recommendations to reviews on how and where to do, reviews about companies and products; from little conversations that means nothing to meaningful information that can change someone’s life, everything is covered up in social media. Small business are indeed tapping up in to social media and can easily monitor all their sources by using social media monitoring tools.

Here are some businesses using Social Media Productively for their Branding:

1. Recruit Military

Simplicity, minimalism, and purpose, that’s what comes to mind when you look at any Recruit Military’s Page. Recruit Military is a military-to-civilian recruitment site that helps veterans and transitioning military personnel find jobs. Its mission is also to help all the ex-military professionals set up their own businesses or improve their skill sets.

What stands out is their Facebook Page with a minimalistic design, using images and quotes. The way they uses their Facebook page to create events shows the simplicity and their content is a mixture of military facts, images, and quotes.

2. Hostel World

Hostel World is one of the leading hostel booking portal. It’s for scores of travelers looking for affordable accommodation when they travel. All the travel addicts, backpackers, and travelers who want to escape – both long and short term can use this portal for a safe yet good accommodation.

Their Facebook page is loaded with pictures. From asking questions to the travelers, to posting teaser pictures for the fans asking ‘where next’, everything is done in a very interactive manner for fans to get some comfort level.

3. Coconut Bliss

Thinking what can an ice cream company do on social media? Well, check out the wonders. Coconut Bliss is one of ice cream companies that whatever achievement received is because of the social media. The company uses images of their product as the primary content along with the giveaways, promotions, contests, campaigns and awards. It’s one of the few companies that uses partnership as an advantage.

4. Kim Garst Social Media Branding

Kim Garst is a social media expert and is always active and interactive with her followers. While she’s active on both Facebook and Twitter, there’re few things worth noticing about her. Even though she’s busy, she’ll reply to all the messages on Facebook as well as Twitter. She constantly tweets and post updates about advices related to social media to help people grow. She has her own way to use hash tags and catch up with the trends so that she can include them in her updates. Her social media accounts are great sources for business motivation while her Facebook page is a good example of visual branding done well.

5. Legendary White Tails

Legendary White Tails gave us a great example as to what all can a great cover photo, fantastic use of apps, an effective reveal tab, and great use of content can do for a small business Facebook fan page. It’s a family owned business that sells casual apparel, gifts, and related products. Legendary White Tails is a small business with a huge Facebook page and fan following. Here’s an amazing fact about them - the content they post receives a lot of shares and likes just because they ask for it – a good case for ‘ask and you shall get’?

6. SEOmoz

Search Engine Optimization is a dicey topic and all the websites/brands need to work on it harder as per the Google algorithms to come on top charts. SEOmoz led by Rand Fishkin, manages to create an authoritative presence with one of the most trusted blogs on the topic of SEO while creating some of the best SEO toolkits for search professionals ever. They uses “gaming mechanics” to ramp up social engagement, a lot of interactive sessions and extensive engagement efforts to make sure that they build a community that lasts long.

7. OraBrush

If you’re still wondering whether all of this is true, whether social media really has benefits – in terms of fame and cash – well, OraBrush is one example to get inspiration from. Dr. Bob Wagstaff, the founder of OraBrush, gave Youtube a total spin and his very first video [Video Marketing] got viral and received more than 16m views and generated more than 1m unit sales in the course of 3 years. Apart from that, the video is also embedded on their main website on homepage. It’s the video that addresses an aspect that many people want answers to while it’s still short. The video immediately grabs attention in less than 5 seconds and does offer something for free at the end of it.

8. YEC

Entrepreneurship is a long journey that starts with troubles with slowly the troubles become less. It then feels good to have a community that understands, appreciates, and encourages entrepreneurs and start-ups. YEC's (Young Entrepreneur’s Council) Facebook page has it all. From inspiring quotes, to custom created-made graphic poster, intriguing questions that lead to discussions, videos, photos, entrepreneur interviews, featured posts, and so much more. It truly is a community to belong to. Given the way entrepreneurs work and consume information, it’s another example of using what social media has to offer.

9. WebpageFX

Web Design and development is a rapidly changing industry and an interesting Facebook Page really helps fans (be It clients or web enthusiasts) keep themselves abreast of what’s latest in the web designing industry. WebpageFX’s Facebook page makes a productive use of mixed content in the form of improvised comments, related post shared from elsewhere on the web to keep engaging the clients, videos, photos and a separated tab for an in-Facebook website (which includes quotes and portfolio), events, social media connection tabs, RSS feeds etc.

Social media has a lot to offer to small businesses and use it to push content and possibly even bring in sales. We hope that the small businesses mentioned here can inspire you to get serious about your social media strategy and help you take engagement to the next level.

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