Cloud hosting is a relatively new form of web hosting service and allows you to host your website in one of the best possible server environments, with top speed performance and security. There are various types of cloud hosting solutions that you can find in today’s web hosting providers’ offers. Here are six different types of cloud hosting solutions for you to choose from: 

1. Software as a Service (SaaS) 

This is a type of cloud hosting solution that will allow you to run your own software into the cloud. In this way, you can easily access the software anywhere, via the internet, using your favorite web browser. This can be a good solution for big corporations that need to create a simple model of software usage. The application does not need to be installed on every computer; instead, it is installed in the cloud, so that everyone within the company can access the software using their web browsers. 

2. Platform as a Service (Paas) 

This cloud hosting solution is similar to software as a service. But, instead of putting the software package into the cloud, you are putting the entire platform into the cloud. This way, you can install multiple software applications in a single cloud environment or infrastructure. This will give you more benefits for your business, since you’ll be able to create your own cloud computing platform with a group of installed software packages within it. 

3. Managed Services 

Managed services will let you use the needed applications or custom software made available to you by a cloud hosting provider. There are many applications that you can use, so you can choose the ones that perfectly fit your needs. For instance, you can use security services, spam control services, web monitoring services, and so on, depending on the package provided by the cloud service vendor. 

4. Web-based Cloud Services 

This cloud hosting solution will allow you to use certain parts of a web service application, in order for you to be able to use it for your own projects. Most times you won’t need to use an entire application in order to utilize a certain functionality of that application. Maybe you only need to use an API from that application, and you can use it in your own web development projects through the cloud, for example. 

5. Utility Cloud Services 

This service will allow you to rent some of the data storage capacity of your cloud hosting provider. This virtual storage can then be accessed by you from anywhere in the world, provided that you have the necessary login information for it. This solution will allow you to expand your data center and create more virtual storage capacity for your business or organization, which can then give you limitless data storage for your online business. 

6. Service Commerce 

This type of cloud hosting solution will bring you the option of using several interconnected services that you can access from anywhere. Basically, this is a mix of software as a service and managed service, with a variety of implementations that are customized for your business. You can use this solution to create your own online virtual assistant services, business expense monitoring systems, and so on. 

These are a few of the most used cloud hosting solutions that you can choose for your business. And each one of these services offers different pricing plans, which should be flexible enough for you, depending on the type of business that you have.

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