Cloud services are now very famous among individuals and businesses. This has made it easy for users to access their files from anywhere in the world. A user with limited income may not buy a hard drive or any other laptop accessories but can get free storage online to keep data safe. With many options for the users, it is difficult to choose the best among many.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is the leading cloud service in the world. It has the most users as compared to other cloud services. It gives users 5GB free storage, which allows users to upload and download any file. After the launch of cloud service by Amazon, they added a music streaming tab to allow users to listen to their favourite music. But later it was separated from cloud services. Users can now upload as well as listen to music on all their devices. The Amazon cloud drive is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Amazon offers web based and as well as in desktop applications. The desktop application is compatible with all the operating systems but users can only upload files through this. For premium storage, 50 cents per gigabyte is charged and users can buy up to 1000 GB of space. Amazon services are cheap but not cheaper than others and desktop application compatibility and usage is another issue for the users.

  • Box

The box is not actually a storage service and is more suitable for business as it provides workflow solutions. If a business wants to share files, they simply grant access to a few users allowing them to view or download the files. Business productivity programs can be uploaded and integrated with the box where it becomes available to the users. Users can also edit the files if allowed. Box features business related applications and online workspaces. Box gives 5 GB of free storage and it is compatible with Windows, Android and Mac operating systems. To use this service, users must use the box sync application. For premium storage users need to pay $9.99 for 25 GB space per month but for businesses it offers 1000 GB for only $15 per month. For businesses, Box is a most suitable solid service.

  • Drop Box

Drop box was the most popular cloud service when introduced. And it was the first to have a large number of users. Cloud services were not used much before this. Drop box can run without a browser and it's compatible with almost all the operating systems including Linux. Due to its compatibility with all the devices, users have no difficulty in managing their files from anywhere. But the drawback is the limited space as it gives only 2 GB free storage. For the premium services it charges $99.90 per year for 100 GB. This is expensive as compared to other services.

In today's world, users don’t need to buy a cheap notebook or accessories like external or internal hard drives or flash drives. Rather they can use cloud services for the storage.

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