Using a Mac means you are a fan of using simple and clear cut technology. Or at least that is what just about any Mac fan will say. You are more than welcome to have your own preferences for various devices or apps, but the best of the technology world seems to be stemming from the app world rather than any platforms or hardware variations.

That being said, it is important to understand that having a good technological experience really depends on the apps you use. There are a myriad of apps available for Mac, a lot of them often overlooked however. So keeping that in mind, here are the top ten apps that all Mac users should give a try.

1. Growl. While Mountain Lion has built-in notifications, Growl is the premium paid service that gives you all sorts of desktop notifications. You can sync this app with other apps of your choice such as Twitter, Google reader, and Dropbox to get customizable pop up notifications anywhere on your desktop.

2. Acorn. Not everyone has the ability to be a graphic designer or photoshop editor extraordinaire. And so not everyone needs fancy programs like that. If you need a program to tweak up photos and just get by with good quality edits, Acorn is an app you should get and save yourself time with.

3. Chrome Browser. Apple’s long running affair with Safari is definitely commendable, but the truth is there really is no browser like Chrome. It has great speeds, good performance, and can link you up with any Google service with ideal support.

4. Evernote. No matter how little interest you have in remembering tidbits or things you came across, Evernote can prove useful to you. With the help of this app you can with almost zero effort keep track of all your notes, images, calendar events and so on. Best part is it’s free.

5. Divvy. Of all the Windows managers out there, this one would have to be the best. It’s a handy tool which costs about 14   bucks and lets you define your key commands for resizing.

6. RDIOR or Spotify. Both of these services offer free trials and are good streaming music services. By using these apps,   you can eliminate the hassle of listening to music through YouTube or other substandard sites. Definitely good options for those who are in no mood of dragging out their hard drives and music libraries.  

7. Fluid. This app allows you to set up different windows for specific websites. These browser instances feel just like separate apps and the free download is pretty well functioning.

8. SkyDrive. This cloud storage service is one that no one, especially not Mac users, should do without. The free version offers up to 7GB of storage space. With this service you can easily share content with friends and family, you can also sync content across devices.

9. FLUX. This app is handy for the geeks who spend hours in different lighting glaring at text documents or spreadsheets. This app automatically adjusts screen color temperatures to save your eyes from strain and stress.

10. Freedom.  The name is significant in itself as the app temporarily disconnects your internet so that you can be ‘free’ of online temptations and focus on the tasks you have at hand. It costs ten bucks—not a bad price of freedom.

Author Bio: Jessica is a tech analyst that blogs for MobiStealth. She writes helpful articles for everyday users and focuses on spy software for mac. She can be contacted @jcarol429.

OS X Shortcuts

OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Effect
C Start from CD
D Start from 1st Partition
N Start from Net Server
R Resets laptop screen
S Single-user boot
V Verbose Mode
V Unix console msgs
Power Keys Effect
Ctrleject icon Shutdown, sleep, restart
Opteject icon Sleep
CtrlOpteject icon Shutdown
Ctrlpower Restart










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