WordPress is one of the most well-known Content Management Systems worldwide, applied by around sixty million websites in the online world. But WordPress is a free web application. Because it's free, everyone contains easy access to its Programmed Code which enables him to try out new hacking strategies easily. Typically WordPress is quite safe and protected if you use some security steps as well as follow some general points to keep hackers away from your blog. The guidelines pointed out in this post are will give the security of your blog to the next level. You can secure your WordPress website by using the below mentioned points to solidify the protection.

Set a Custom Username

During the Installation process, the default username is "admin" and hackers try this username while trying to login. If your username is already set to "admin" then you cannot change it directly, first you will have to make a new user with full admin rights and then login with that username and delete the previous one. It's essential that you choose an un-common username.

Change database table prefixes

By default, WordPress table prefix is wp_. Since WordPress is Free and every hacker knows its source code and database information. If you keep the database table prefixes same, everyone know the names of your database tables and can make SQL queries easily. You can change the prefix during installation process simply by writing a 2-3 characters long prefix in its option. If you have already installed WordPress without changing the prefix then you can change with it with the help of any suitable plugin such as "WP Secure Scan".

Keep the Code Up-To-Date

Always keep all the files updated. When there's a fresh release of WordPress, update it instantly. Generally a message will be informed in the top of the dashboard as well as in the updates menu that there's a fresh release of WordPress. Always do the update process through the dashboard or in case you don't want to do it through the dashboard then don't download the new version from any other website than WordPress.org.

Password Protect WP Admin Directory

One of the best ways to keep your login page secure is to password protect your wp-admin folder because not a single find in this sensitive folder is used by the visitors who're browsing the website. It is done through the hosting. Go to the file manager and right click on the wp-admin folder and then click on the password protect option. A page will open in which you will set a username and password. When it is done, all the authorized admins will have to perform a 2 step verification process to go to the WP admin dashboard.

Delete Unnecessary Files

Delete inactivated plugins that you aren't making use of them. Just deactivating them is not sufficient because the files of the plugin remain on your hosting server. Any weak point in the plugin can be harmful and can allow the hackers to make a breaking. Double check that you delete those plugins completely from your hosting server to avoid any chance for the hackers.

Don't Show WordPress Version on Your Blog

You shouldn't show the current version of your WordPress installation publicly. The specific WordPress version you have installed will be able to help the hacker in determining the way to enter the sensitive areas of your website. It can be removed through including the below mentioned code into the functions.php file.  remove_action( 'wp_head', 'wp_generator' );

Limit the Login Attempts

By default WordPress makes it possible for unrestricted login tries most likely through the login web page or perhaps by delivering specific cookies. This enables automatic login attempts to guess the correct one. In order to avoid this type of hacking method, the plugin "login lock down" is used because it blocks an IP address after making the specified number of login attempts.

Regular Backups of WordPress site and database

You also have to get frequent backups of your website and the database depending upon how you update your website.

Remove WP Read Me and License Files

Do remember to delete the read me and the license files, because they contain the version of your WordPress installation as well as other sensitive information that can help the hackers.

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